You're not Ill and I'm not dead!

Aug 07

quote It takes more than fucking someone you don’t know to keep warm

— Frightened Rabbit (via rambling-jon)
Aug 07


Watch the new video for Owl John’s “Hate Music”.

Owl John is Scott Hutchison, Andy Monaghan & Simon Liddell.

Only two weeks until the Owl John album is out. Pre-order: CD, Digital, Vinyl, and Bundle at

Aug 07


Stupid Boy - Owl John

Aug 07

Click here to listed to a preview of Owl John’s new album on KCRW!


Click here to listed to a preview of Owl John’s new album on KCRW!

Aug 06


It’s been about ten years since I had the notion to add the word ‘Owl’ as a middle name. Scott ‘Owl John’ Hutchison. I thought it had a really splendid flow to it. I suppose I enjoy owls as much as most people, admiring their weird neck thing and having read Plop countless times as a wee one. I don’t buy the wisdom bit, but they are incredibly good at being owls and it would be nice to be as effective at being a human. Sadly, I’m not and it is from this croaking foible that songs come. The desperate crunch of failure sat right next to the fizzing, spumante spark of joy. They cackle and point at each other because they don’t understand their opponent. You will find me sitting between them, eating a bag of nuts (not Brazils, they make my mouth itch) and documenting the whole sorry episode.

John is a homeless.
John is a priest.
John is a witness.
John is a beast.

It was also approximately 10 years ago that I started a band called Frightened Rabbit. In that time I’ve dedicated so much of my life to that good wee band with a stupid name, I felt it was time to indulge John. Sing it with me…

John is a weirdo.
John is a thief.
John is a wino.
Listen, bleed, weep.

Listen and read more (including a track by track guide to the album) here.

Aug 06


I love Frightened Rabbit because 

We’ll scream hell towards heaven’s door
And now I’ll piss on your front porch”


There’s something wrong with me
And it reads nothing like poetry
So will you love me in spite of these tics and inconsistencies?”

is from the same song.

Aug 06

My frightened rabbit tattoo, Gonna get f and r either side of it soon


My frightened rabbit tattoo, Gonna get f and r either side of it soon

Aug 06


The crumpled ocean is no boat trip
The dark waters stole my clothing
The shape stirs beneath me
A pulse pounds along bloodstreams
The first bite marks the beginning of
The clotheless wrestle with the clotheless animal

Bare those teeth to me please, man eater
You can see all of me, naked with fear
This is the test I left land for
To grip flesh and pull muscle in
The vice clinch of the struggle
I can’t give in to the weight of
The clotheless wrestle with the clotheless animal
Animal, animal, animal

My enemy, please stay close to me
I’ve no breath left, you cold breath thief
The last gasp from a burst lung
The fight fathers, the weak son
The last taste of salt in my mouth
My skin breaks with no sound

I’m torn limb from limb
There is bone, there is gristle, and spit
In the clotheless wrestle
The clotheless animal
Animal, animal, animal

— The Wrestle - Frightened Rabbit (via yawns-in-unison)
Aug 06

Owl John: Owl John — Album Preview — KCRW →


If you’ve followed linernotesandseasons for any length of time you know I’m a huge Frightened Rabbit fan. This side project from FR’s frontman Scott Hutchison is rather oddly titled “Owl John.” Streaming the album for the first time right now (while destroying some Famous Dave’s Sweet and Spicy Pickles!) and it’s pretty tight! A little more experiemental than FR’s last effort Pedestrian Verse, but still classic Hutchison. His killer vocals and visceral lyrics are gonna make the difference on this one for me. Some of this reminds me of Brand New a little bit. Hmmm…more to come. Stream and let me know what you think.

Aug 05